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    Institute for Negotiation Innovation

    The INI is a not-for-profit initiative designed to:

    • Bridge the gap between negotiation research and practice with a feedback loop;
    • Become a shared platform for international thought leadership in negotiation; and
    • Build capacity to promote negotiation competence and excellence standards worldwide.

    The INI is unique as it will:

    • Generate field-based research to inform negotiation theory and practice;
    • Be a non-profit, non-membership, inclusive platform predominantly financed by grants;
    • Not provide consulting or training services;
    • Complement and partner, not compete, with other negotiation stakeholders;
    • Provide open-access information of practical value to all;
    • Connect scholars, skills trainers and researchers with practitioners; and
    • Be multi-lingual, trans-cultural and operate predominantly online.

    © 2022 Institute for Negotiation Innovation