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    The International Negotiation and Teaching Research Association

    The mission of the International Negotiation Initiative An INTRA-INI Collaboration?

     The International Negotiation Initiative (INI) is a global movement started in 2018 designed to create a two-way channel between negotiation knowledge and negotiation practice – helping to turn knowledge into action, and action into knowledge on an international scale. The driving force behind the initiative is a shared belief that the art and science of negotiation now need to be widely recognized and promoted as in academic and professional education.

    The INI’s mission is to create a global partnership of business, educators, scientists, skills trainers, governments and other negotiation stakeholders, including networks that already exist in this space.

    The INI presentation will cover its rationale, the need to develop a body of field data-derived “negotiation science”, the importance of training and a high level of recognized negotiation competence, a statement of stakeholder benefits, how the INI is being led, and the foreseen implementation stages.

    A possible question for discussion: can the INTRA and the INI collaborate?

    The INI concept and further details are available at www.INInegotiation.org.

    Irena Vanenkova is a member of the INI Leadership Group. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Singapore International Mediation Institute and was executive director of the International Mediation Institute (2007-2018)

    Event Date 03-28-2019 9:00 am
    Event End Date 03-28-2019 5:00 pm
    Location Kyoto University Main Campus, Building #5, Mizuho Hall
    IACM 2018




    Is It Time for an International Negotiation Initiative?

    On July 10, 2018 The INI held a session at the annual conference of The International Association for Conflict Management which drew over 20 participants. All participants were engaged in a dialogue about the desirability and feasibility of forming a new, non-for-profit multinational initiative with two main objectives: mobilizing resources toward more research on negotiation (including steps to encourage that research to be more broadly based and more accepted by practitioners), and promoting wide recognition of negotiation standards for competence/excellence. The session started with a brief review of the existing level of agreement as to “negotiation science” that has apparently been widely accepted, from perspectives of negotiation research, teaching and practice, and in contexts of business, international relations, public and family disputes as well as deal-making. The participating scholars shared their ideas regarding a focused international effort.

    Event Date 07-10-2018 1:30 pm
    Event End Date 07-10-2018 3:00 pm
    Location Convene at Commerce Square - Davos Hub
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